Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Lascivious Broom animatic

I feel this animatic needs alot more work, in terms of perspective, character design and environment detail. However, I can use it for timing issues when I came to produce the actual animation.

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  1. I pretty much love this. It's 00:18, and I'm grinning from ear-to-ear. Bags of charm and I really liked the split-screen sequence - very filmic. In terms of that establishing shot at the beginning; it's odd that we pan out from the place you're actually taking us closer to in the next shot. I suggest you make that a more gentle pan towards the building, which will then match-up more logically with the close-up of the door. In terms of getting maximum movement from your broom handle, consider a movement in which it rotates from the very base of the handle - as if it's hips are there, and all that upper part of the handle could rotate around, but sticking out at an angle - making a cyclone-style shape on the dance-floor. Anyway - just a thought. I really like the ending too - when the horny old goat gets hots for a dustpan and brush. It's really worth working into this animatic and identifying lots of opportunities for nuancing the animation. You've nailed the tone - it's a crowd-pleaser, now nail the performance too. Work closely with Meg on Friday to finesse it.