Thursday 27 March 2014

Uncanny Gallery - More Concepts

Some more concepts developing the parent's and offspring idea for my uncanny gallery. With regards to the parents I have experimented by adding more bodily features and trying out different positions for the female representation. For me this echoes Marc Quinn's statue Alison Lapper Pregnant. It would be interesting to see if the slightest movements (such as breathing) would make them even more uncanny. I've also done some more offspring concepts below. 

Monday 24 March 2014

Uncanny Gallery - Concept Art

I've been working on some digital paintings of my uncanny gallery. The first concept is based on my initial idea to exhibit three separate uncanny objects. My tutor pointed out that two of the three could come across as interesting science exhibits apposed to unsettling uncanny art installations. I've made the skin with extending hairs less of a cross section and lost the petri dish containing the super sized cell and to try and rectify this. 

For this concept I have dropped two of the exhibits in favour of the disembodied belly idea.  I replaced the male hairy belly with a representation of a female stomach that could be pregnant. This is then surrounded with by other smaller "masses" that could be interpreted as offspring. Alternatively I could have two central parent masses surrounded by their offspring with various different traits, i.e. skin folds and wrinkles, blemishes, veins, hair etc.


Friday 7 March 2014

Uncanny Gallery - Animatic

I've completed an animatic to help establish what kind of shots I will need when it comes to filming. The establishing shots and pans of the room make use of dolly equipment. This will be mixed with some hand held footage to emphasize the realism and hopefully make it that bit more uncanny. With this in mind I've thought about whether the piece should have some music or not. I think it will depend on the type of music, but then I also think the ambient noise captured on the day will also do the trick.

Animatic with music

Animatic with ambient noise

I've talked with my tutor Phil about the uncanny objects that will inhabit my gallery. Of the three we agreed the breathing belly is the more successful. The skin cross section with extending hairs and the super sized cell are at risk of coming across as a science or museum exhibit that could detract from their uncanny nature. We discussed the possibility of dropping these two, in favour of creating multiple versions of the breathing belly. This would mean creating different variations in size, textures, sensitivity, hair or fur coverage that would make the hall feel like it has been infested. I've looked for some examples with similar themes to demonstrate what I mean.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Touchstone Submission

Touchstone Mission Statement
This major project will be an aesthetic investigation into the nature of the uncanny. It will be designed to make the audience question their perception of what may or may not be alive. This will be achieved by making a two minute animation combining live footage with computer generated elements. The goal is to create an art exhibition at the Langley Vale Village Hall (live footage), displaying uncanny objects with lifelike qualities (computer generated).
The project will demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in a range of software. It will utilize Autodesk Maya and Mudbox in the development and animation of the uncanny objects, Autodesk Matchmover and Adobe After Effects to composite the footage together.
The final animation will be accompanied with an ‘Art of’ document, demonstrating the design process of the uncanny entities and a technical document detailing a specific procedure during production (subject TBD).

Week 9, Commencing 3rd March 2014
Concept Art – development of uncanny objects.
Animatic Development.
Week 10, Commencing 10th March 2014
Concept Art – development of uncanny objects.
Week 11, Commencing 17th March 2014
3D Modelling in Maya and Mudbox. Research and preparation of live footage shooting.
Filming Live footage 22nd - 23rd March 2014 – Langley Vale.
Week 12, Commencing 24th March 2014
3D Modelling – Animation – Rendering
Week 13, Commencing 31st March 2014
3D Modelling – Animation – Rendering
Week 14, Commencing 7th April 2014
Rendering – Compositing
Technical Doc and ‘Art of’ development
*Half term*

Week 15, Commencing 28th April 2014
Rendering – Compositing – Final Piece
Technical Doc and ‘Art of’ Completion
Submission prep
Submit 2nd May 2014.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

The Uncanny Gallery - Animatic Development

I'm beginning to plot out my animatic to give me an idea of what I will need to capture when filming the live footage. It also represents what my uncanny "objects" will sort of look like and how they will move. It's been ages since I've done any digital painting but I've started on some initial concept images below.