Friday 7 March 2014

Uncanny Gallery - Animatic

I've completed an animatic to help establish what kind of shots I will need when it comes to filming. The establishing shots and pans of the room make use of dolly equipment. This will be mixed with some hand held footage to emphasize the realism and hopefully make it that bit more uncanny. With this in mind I've thought about whether the piece should have some music or not. I think it will depend on the type of music, but then I also think the ambient noise captured on the day will also do the trick.

Animatic with music

Animatic with ambient noise

I've talked with my tutor Phil about the uncanny objects that will inhabit my gallery. Of the three we agreed the breathing belly is the more successful. The skin cross section with extending hairs and the super sized cell are at risk of coming across as a science or museum exhibit that could detract from their uncanny nature. We discussed the possibility of dropping these two, in favour of creating multiple versions of the breathing belly. This would mean creating different variations in size, textures, sensitivity, hair or fur coverage that would make the hall feel like it has been infested. I've looked for some examples with similar themes to demonstrate what I mean.

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