Friday 25 April 2014

Uncanny Gallery Update

Side View Progress

I've been having problems tracking the video footage with Matchmover and with time pressing on I have decided to work from some still photographs. I haven't given up completely on the video footage and will endeavor to track at least one shot for the final piece. In the mean time I have three photo's similar to my concept work and I have begun to import some of my uncanny objects. I was getting some strange results from the HDR based image lighting so I am recreating the lighting setup manually.

With HDR lighting

Front View Progress

Monday 14 April 2014

Uncanny Gallery Update

I've been working on my uncanny objects with varied results. I've been having problems adding hair to the male mass uncanny object, so in the mean time I have playing around with maya's fast skin shader and animating the breathing effect as below. I've also been working on modelling some of the offspring using a mixture of maya and mudbox and will texture them once I am more familiar with the fast skin shader.

This weekend I also went home to shoot the live footage and capture images for the HDR image based lighting. Below are three examples of the photographs of the globe at different exposures which will be unwrapped in the next few days. The second part of the shoot involved placing markers throughout the hall so that I can motion track the footage. I also used state of the art equipment, thin bamboo sticks standing in J2O bottles, to give me markers in the Y axis. It also helped to give me an idea of the height of the parent objects when it came to filming. I've posted an example of the footage taken below which I hope is good enough to track. The only thing that worries me at the moment is I think the footage has been captured at 20fps, even though the settings were set at PAL. Other than that the shoot went quite well and it was quite fun pretending to be Spielberg for the day.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Uncanny Gallery - Final Concepts and Modelling

Here are my final concept pieces detailing the positions of my uncanny objects. I think the "female mass" could either be on its side or back so I have shown it in different positions. I have also begun to model the objects in 3D.