Thursday, 10 March 2011

@Phil Story ideas and initial sketches

Thinking about my one minute animation, I have had a couple of ideas revolving around my 'randy' broom. My first idea took shape around the purpose of a broom, to clean. I envisioned the character in a dirty back street alley, the broom ogling passing dust pans, ironically dwelling in area he should be cleaning.

For my second idea, I thought about the broom as a witches broomstick. The broom wants to be flown by the witch and gets over excited mid flight. Having thought about it I think this idea oversteps the line and come across as too seedy.

My third idea places the broom in a hardware store. It is night and the store is closed and the broom is moping around the store cleaning the floor. He looks up to see a new brand of hoover on an advertising stand. In a bid to impress the new hoover, he struts around the floor in an exotic dance, gathering a pile of dirt and dust. He triumphantly poses infront of his accomplishment, embracing the hoover he leans in for a kiss when the hoover springs into life and hoovers up the dust.

Of all my ideas so far, I think the third is the strongest. Thinking about the look of my broom, I have drawn inspiration from the Disney's Fantasia, the Sorcerers apprentice. To add a twist to the design, I tried to think about lewd, seedy celebrities, particularly ones with mustaches....

Using the above images as inspiration, I have tried to incorporate the mustache into the bristles of my broom.

I personally don't think the bristles will work as a mustache and the legs / feet of my character. Speaking to my writing partner Ollie, he suggested moving the tasche to the handle... I did a quick sketch before our lecture this morning...

I think I have a decision to make, maybe I should just drop the whole mustache idea...


  1. idea 3 is indeed the strongest - but, I wonder if it would make more sense if your broom was actually flirting with... a feather duster (there's a clear gender iconography here).

    In terms of depicting the 'horniness' in a way that lends itself to animation (and not an 18 certificate), perhaps a dance routine/courtship ritual is in order: for example - the original 'dance of love', the rhumba: or, the Tango, of course - and specifically, the Argentine Tango...?

  2. Ron Jeremy is a legend!

    Just had a thought regarding the idea of a ritual dance, theres a bird that does a fancy mating dance that I believe Phil mentioned in the briefing (Bird of paradise?). I can't remember the name of it ... I just call it the MC Hammer bird :)

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