Friday 22 April 2011

Draft Storyboard and Script

Had a short break seeing family and friends, mainly to recover from Unit 4 and 5 hangovers. I've returned to find Phil has green-lit the live action intro and ending. I'm really pleased as I was able to meet with my friend who said who is able to film it next week! Exciting!! He asked me to give him as much info as possible in the form of storyboards / scripts and animatics so he can film exactly what I want. So today I knocked up some drafts....

Unit 6 Draft Script

I'm a bit embarrassed to put these images up but it is purely my thoughts on page which I can refine into a more polished version. The race is now on to produce a better version and edit it together in prem pro so filming can commence next week!!

Just from these basic images I'm already getting an idea of what I will need to make in Maya, photoshop and after effects. I literally cannot wait to dust off my graphics tablet and start producing concept images.

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