Friday 8 April 2011

Animation Essay Intro

Is Andrew Stanton part of a “second golden age” in animation with Pixar?
This essay will explore the life and career of animator, story teller, film maker and director Andrew Stanton. It will investigate his work at Pixar Animation Studios, the company where he has achieved most recognition and success, and the rise of Pixar itself. It will compare the ‘golden age’ of cinema achieved by Walt Disney from (1920 to the mid 1940’s), to Pixar’s commercial and critical success throughout the 1990’s to present day. For references it will be sourcing; ‘Screenwriting Screencraft’ by Declan McGrath and Felim Macdermott; ‘Animation Art, from pencil to pixel, The Illustrated History of Cartoon, Anime and CGI’ by Jerry Beck; ‘The Art of Finding Nemo’ by Mark Cotta Vaz and ‘The Fundamentals of Animation’ by Paul Wells.

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