Tuesday 7 February 2012

Transcription Pipeline

After my first transcription tutorial with Alan, we established that transcribing the BBC pathe footage may not be the best route to take. As the subject matter is personal to me and my family, we agreed I should look further into the source material that set off the idea in the first place.

So I will be transcribing my fathers novel called "Dad's Story" into an Animated Short. My pipeline will be:


  • Project start: "Dad's Story"
  • Analysis: Filter out "key scenes" into a manageable 3 act structure between 1- 3 minutes long
  • 2D animatic: outlining basic storyline / camera angles
  • Visual research: 1940's architecture (British / German), birds eye view landscapes, Avro Lancaster B52 bomber, German anti aircraft weapons, RAF uniforms, pictures of Warrant Officer Harry Lavey DFM and other family photo's
  • Concept Art: Digital paintings of key scenes / environments. Character design turnarounds and orthographic views 

  • Modelling: Avro Lancaster B52 bomber, Environments, Character
  • UV mapping / texturing: Lancaster B52 bomber, Environments, Character
  • Rigging: Lancaster and character
  • Animation: Lancaster and character
  • Effects simulation: Clouds, Lancaster engine exhaust, bullet trails
  • Lighting: Key scene lighting
  • Rendering: Beauty, ambient occlusion, Z-depth
  • Compositing: Combining render passes, matte painting integration
  • Final edit / sound: Editing and exporting with sound
  • AFter effects: Camera shake, bullet trails
Seeing this in black and white seems quite daunting. At this stage I'm still reading the novel and deciding on what to put in and what to leave out. I understand it may look like I'm biting off more than I can chew, but when I start to finalize the basic structure I will refine this pipeline.

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