Saturday 8 October 2011

Character research images - Villain

My villain, Albert Snare, is an evil Victorian vet, resurrected from the dead to fight my Anthropomorphic Ghost Hunters. For research and inspiration I started looking into ghosts. In terms of colour scheme, transparency and overall feel, I want to draw a lot of inspiration from the ghost army leader from Lord of the Rings - Return of the King:

And the Librarian from the first Ghostbusters. (Really scared me when I was younger!)

Researching into veterinarians, their uniforms and overalls are quite similar to doctors and have much the same equipment, there is a lot of potential design influences:

And finally, some Victorian images for inspiration:

 Just from these images alone I'm starting to get a feel for my villain. Here are some other examples of the tone  I would like Albert Snare to have:

Mixed with:

....and this:

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