Monday 4 October 2010

Life Drawing

Week 1

30 minutes.

20 minutes.

3 x 20 minutes.

Week 2

30 minutes, straight lines, squares and triangles only.

4 x 5 minutes.

Week 3

Unfortunately our live model was not available this week, so we were reliant on volunteers from our class and some random objects. 

We started our own drawing in charcoal, then moved to the next persons work clockwise around the room adding to each piece. My initial drawing was still intact when I returned so I rubbed out some highlighting marks.

Adam using pencil, 20 minutes.

Paul using pencil, 20 minutes.

John (Sketch) in pencil, 20 minutes.

For this piece, we had to angle our boards away from the objects in the room and draw what we saw without looking at the paper.

Week 4

Measured drawing, pencil, 20 minutes.

3 x 1 minute drawings, pencil.

5 minute, pencil.

Measured drawing, 30 minutes, pencil.

Week 5

2 hour, pencil measured drawing with half a skeleton in the scene.

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