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Dr. Lavey's diary
Experiment ref: RCGA1002 - Teleportation
Code Name: Bradypus Variegatus

Entry Date: 05/01/1999  0800 hrs
Location: Colombia

Test subject found!!! Orphaned Brown Throated Sloth or Bradypus variegatus part of the three toed sloth species. I found him on his own in the jungle, his mother was probably the target of a jaguar or eagle.

Bradypodidae family statistics:

Male, mammal, arboreal (tree dwelling) lifestyle found in South American continent. It is a solitary, nocturnal and diurnal animal, feeding on leaves of many species of trees. Among the slowest moving animals on Earth; they can swim but are virtually unable to walk. They spend most of their time in trees and descend occasionally to defecate. They have coarse, algae covered fur which will make him perfect for my experiment.

I am returning him to my lab. I'm excited to think, in a few years this little guy could be the first mammal to travel by teleportation.

Entry Date: 08/05/2005 1230 hrs

Steve the Sloth is now a fully grown male. He is roughly the size of a cat, just under 5kg. He has a round head, short snout, small eyes, long legs, tiny ears and a stubby tail. Light brown in appearance which in some light looks blue-green due to algae on fur, distinguishable yellow mark between shoulders, typical male feature.

Entry Date: 20/09/10  2200 hrs

Lab results confirm subject Bradypus Variegatus - Brown throat, three toed sloth has passed initial health checks and is ready for stage 2 in the experiment. Subject will be monitored over night and kept in a stable condition. Health report:

X-ray images confirm healthy bone structure with no visible breaks or fractures.

MRI scans show healthy brain activity.

Subject cleared for testing!!
Teleportation field parameters and atomic power accelerator coils have the green light! Test will begin first thing tomorrow!

Entry Date: 21/09/10  1400 hrs

Telepod power sequence: Activated
Experiment reference: RCGA1002 - Teleportation
Subject name: Bradypus Variegatus
Plasma field status: 100%

System Error: Power coupling failure
Automatic shutdown: Negative
Teleportation field: Active

Onsite Dr. Postings Diary
Entry Date: 22/09/10  0300 hrs

Was a woken this morning by a code red emergency. Arrived onsite to treat patient Dr. Paul Lavey, white caucasian male, 13 st, aged 27 years. Due to the classified nature of his work, I have only been told he was in a Lab experiment at approximately 1400hrs yesterday. Patient is unconscious but in a stable condition. No physical sign of injury, however, I have taken blood samples and monitoring vital signs.

Onsite Dr. Postings Diary
Entry Date: 22/09/10 1900 hrs

Patient has regained consciousness, has little to no memory of the past 24 hours. He seems concerned of the whereabouts of subject "Steve". Physical and mental health seems normal, however, he does seem to be suffering from extreme exhaustion. Concluded his body is in a state of shock.

Onsite Dr. Postings Diary
Entry Date: 23/09/10 1900 hrs

Patient has been writhing in agony from muscular fatigue and aching bones/ joints. Symptoms similar to extreme arthritis, but to develop so suddenly in such a young patient is baffling. I have recruited a local artist Mr. P. Gomm to catalogue Dr. Laveys progress as photo's and video evidence are prohibited.

Patients joints seem rigid and fixed. The body seems to be recovering from shock. Some abnormal muscle twitches similar to cramp. For now I believe rest is what he needs.

Entry Date: 29/09/10 1900 hrs

Patient seems to be suffering from a genetic disorder. Calcium levels in his blood are off the scale, physical evidence beginning to show in his finger and toe nails. Strange claws seem to be protruding. His neck has grown by several inches, new vertebrae seems to be developing.

Entry Date: 03/10/10 1900 hrs

Protrusions seem to be getting worse. Ankle and wrists joints severely swollen and claws are getting bigger with each passing day. Patient's hair seems to be growing through thicker and coarse. Distinctive black hair on the patients upper back.  

Entry Date: 12/10/10 1900 hrs

Mutation of Dr. Lavey's entire body seems to be accelerating. His sleeping patterns seem to be erratic and his dietary patterns are unusual.

Entry Date: 20/10/10 1900 hrs

Patients wrist and ankle joints almost seem dislocated. His movement is extremely lethargic, he is unable to walk properly and his physical appearance is almost unrecognisable.

Entry Date: 22/10/10 0800 hrs

Lab results have returned. Analysis of Dr. Lavey's DNA, suggest his genes have genetically combined with a creature of some sort. Out of curiosity, I had a look into Dr. Lavey's file. To my horror I have found his work involved a sloth, I can only presume he has been spliced with this species. When I dug deeper I found this computer render of a genetic analysis:

I have been re-assigned from Dr. Lavey's case for asking too many questions. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

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  1. Hey Paul - I love the playfulness of this post - and the 'inside-to-outside' approach bodes very well indeed! :-)