Friday, 3 September 2010

Creativity 101 - Machine A2

Moving onto the second part of the summer project, we have to develop an object from each field, (one machine, one structure, one life-form etc) onto an A2 piece of paper, depicting front, side and back views. I chose my favourite sketch from the machines section and tried to expand on it. I went with the chap in the head brace contraption and tried to incorporate other sketches into one strange machine....

I'm not really too happy with it... I wish I developed it further at sketching stage, feels a little cobbled together. I wanted it to feel like one big machine, all connected, encapsulating the dude. Could do with more shading and light affects... any way moving on to a structure and life-forms!! Moving in next Wednesday!!


  1. Hey, nice to meet you today :)
    I love this crazy contraption... what does it actually do?!?!

  2. hey paul, did we get told what we are splicing ourselves with on our anatomy project?

  3. Cheers Sketch, nice to meet you too! Didn't really think of a function for this macine, it was inspired by getting my eyes tested. Maybe some weird mind reading machine! Mate your work is awesome too, your whole approach to it was inspiring!

    @Nat: yeah we did hun, there was a box handed around with slips of paper which we picked at random! It has the Latin name for your creature! I'm a sloth! :-0 I'm sure Phil can sort you out with one!

  4. hahahahaha nice pick, thanks paul. i wasn't there as you'd probably have guessed by now- was skydiving hahaha. thanks again