Thursday 12 August 2010

Summer Project: 'Creativity 101'

Ok so I started my summer project the other day, in which I am challenged to produce 101 concept drawings related to "machines", "structures" and "life forms".

Having looked at other's blogs I feel I may have misinterpreted my brief and wasn't sticking solely to the objects provided on the 2 sheets. I'm trying to work methodically so I started by dividing my A1 sheet into 3 to give me a rough border to adhere too. So here goes.....



Here's an overview of what I've done so far for machines. (Sorry the picture isn't great). Working from left to right, I started loosely with the 3 way port valve pump looking thingy. I got a bit carried away and just started drawing other pumps and industrial revolution era type machines, cogs, gears and valves etc. This led me to designing a marble maze type machine, so I started drawing individual parts for that. Completely ignoring my brief!! Not good! But here are some close ups.

Ok, so at this point I was sort of designing the bits and parts for this Victorian Marble machine which would all connect together. Something told me to check other people's blogs and shock horror I realised I was on the wrong tracks!
Ok so moving away from the marble machine and looking at the reference images, I started to see robot type machines out of the pumps.....

... I saw a clenched arm / elbow joint in the machine top left of this image. I enlarged the internal light bulb filament and repeated it with a bit of perspective and it took on this strange power station type feel (top right). The pump turned on it's side with the vase attached at the bottom could be a strange plant feeding machine? Or a boxing pummel ball machine?
The bloke with the head contraption was inspired by the clamps holding the old camera or light machine. ( Just a coincidence that I had my eye's tested that day, honest). The razor upside down kind of reminds me of the Burn-E character from Pixar's Wall-E, especially with the xylophone type arms.
Turned on it's side, the same machine that looked like a flexed bicep looks sort of like a drilling / oil station, especially with horizon line and little stick men on it ( top right of image). Looking at the clamps again, in a silhouette and duplicated over and over reminded me of a circuit board. (Bottom right).
The pumps duplicated and rotated look like the beginnings of an engine? ( Bottom ) Above them, part of the pump with the razor head on each side could be a generator?

So that's it so far? Like I said, I think I started off in the wrong direction but I hope it ends closer to what is asked in the brief? Phil (and anyone else), please comment away!

Next up sTrUcTuReS!


Been a while so here's an update on the structures sketches for the summer project! Have started life forms but more on that later.

I wrote down some key words that came to mind when thinking what structures are. I thought of things like buildings, bridges and tunnels etc.. All these things have some form of symmetry and repetition so I started off there...

I then tried to think of the largest structures like planets.... and the very small, like the structure of DNA.
I let my imagination go from here... tried repeating, rotating and fusing objects.....


Only just started on these but here is what I have so far....

Odd looking creatures and maybe an ultra sound image of a baby in a womb?

Butterfly made out of the scissors, weird centrepede type thingy, cells dividing and god knows what the bottom right one is suppossed to be...?

Sticking with the insect theme...... some comical results.....

And that's pretty much it... run out of paper! Here's an overview.....

Quite weird looking at the page as a whole now after working on tiny sections at a time..... I think it's given me enough ideas to produce the A2 pieces... watch this space....


  1. ... 'Ignoring the brief' - never good! Golden rule No1 - always read the brief; briefs are in place to limit you... in a good way; delimitation is the truest test of creativity after all! Imagine it - 35 CGAA students are all given the same objects from which to originate 3 original concepts to fulfill 3 separate criteria; trust me on this - even though everyone is starting with the same stuff, people are going to come up with widely different outcomes - and that's the joy of it! Progress with confidence, Paul!

  2. Thats true. As I see now everybody have they're own authentic drawing manners. That is so much fun and not so easy to compare everybodys works.

  3. Loving it!
    Also, that Lancaster is great, very inspiring!