Monday 9 April 2012

Grandad's Story - Opening scene refinements

Here is another animation of the opening scene to "Grandad's Story" with some minor refinements. I've changed the size of the comic book style opening subtitles and lightened a few sections. I've watched it back on a few monitors and some of the scenes seemed  a bit dark.

I've also added the backgrounds. I decided to model and texture the street as opposed to using matte paintings. I did another pass with the same camera movements and have composited it together. I will use the street models for the next scenes too.

I'm tackling each scene chronologically and have a good work flow going so expect another update soon....


  1. Hey Paul :)

    Nice voice over performance and you've obviously been working your fingers to the bone - but there's something oddly sparse about your bedroom; I know it's more work, but wouldn't there be a picture or two on the walls, something to break up that wallpaper; also, wouldn't there be two bedside tables, lights, a clock, a book, some slippers on the floor. The point is that, right now, your bedroom is a 'cg' space - not a credible 'period' space. The muted tones etc. do signal the time period nicely, but I think you should seek to work closely with Alan to nuance your lighting, because it just feels it needs to get punchier and more art-directed. For me, it's the 'lack' of real world detail that is working against the warmth, nostalgia and sadness of your work. I just don't think that empty, picture-less, 'thingless' room is credible yet - it needs some bits of business to sell it as 'human'.

  2. Hi Phil, thanks for your feedback. I didn't include any other geometry because my dad said they were quite poor at the time. When I asked him what WOULD have been in my grandad's room he said a bed and a wardrobe. I do agree it needs something else, I like the idea of slippers and a bedside cabinet. It shouldn't take too long to make these amendments as I have saved each pass separately.