Wednesday 25 April 2012

BA - Initial ideas experiments

Initial idea one:

My initial idea involved objects falling in between the arches of the church. Using Alan's dynamics tutorials I have used basic shapes and edited the expressions to randomize them and their rotations. These objects can be adjusted to the clients needs. For example if they have an interest in sports, the objects can be changed to footballs / tennis balls / rugby balls etc. Eventually I want them to stack on top of each other and fill the arches.

Initial idea two

At this stage I know one of the parties will be for teenagers who are 18+ years old. I'm assuming the music will be quite upbeat so I thought about filling the arches with speakers pumping to the bass. I still need to refine it so it matches the beat, but it's a simple animation than can be cycled.

Initial idea three

This is based on another projection video I found in my initial research. I modelled some simple arch ways and attached a light to a motion path revolving between the arches. Very early stages but I quite like the effect.

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