Sunday 11 March 2012

Transcription Update

After my last meeting with Alan, visual style was discussed again after looking at my animatic / storyboard. For further inspiration Alan suggested looking at an old English comic called Victor. I've looked up some the art work and found some really nice images, however, being a comic book, the colours are very bold. I took them into photoshop and reduced the saturation to get a different colour palette. Example below:

I also stumbled across images for a graphic novel called Ascent  (2007) by Jed Mercurio which will also deliver some inspiration.

From here I looked into 1940's WWII art work and found these images. They also have a comic book feel with an interesting colour palette. 

I used a combination of these images to draw inspiration and produce some concept work. I definitely feel like I am building a visual style towards my final piece. My digital painting skills aren't prolific and I'm quite concerned at how long it takes me to produce one image, so I am going to move on to maya as soon as possible.

Grandad concept 01

Grandad concept 02

Flight concept

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