Friday 2 September 2011

Unit 6 revisited - update

Progress has been quite slow of late but i'm working away. As explained before I want to make the transition from live action to CG alot smoother. Using the live footage as reference I've modelled a basic hand, desk, keyboard etc.

I unwrapped the UV's for the hand as best I could. I then used the 3D paint tool to paint onto the model reference lines for wrinkle / cracks in the skin. I exported this image a bit like UV snapshot and had the reference in photoshop.

I found some really cool textures, some are actual skin but the most useful has been a leather texture. I'm still working on the bigger wrinkles and folds. Considering using Z-brush to beef up the model after seeing Jut's amazing work with it. I've also been playing with the lighting along the way but here are snap shots.

To have a break from texturing I have been learning more about depth of field. All of my research images, especially the microscopic ones, the depth of field features heavily. If I can reproduce it I really think it will sell the footage. I've been playing around with the camera attributes and the distance tool to create some interesting shots, however, I can only ever seem to blur the foreground, when ideally I want the background to be slightly out of focus. I will keep trying, here are some screenshots.

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