Friday 23 September 2011

Character Design Project

My first lesson with Justin was really interesting and the project brief is really exciting!!

I have been tasked with creating a design bible for a hero, sidekick and villain for an 80's cartoon series based on random words given to me at the time of the brief. My words are.....


The Oxford dictionary definition for anthropomorphic is;
relating to or characterized by anthropomorphism: explanations of animal behaviour in anthropomorphic terms 
having human characteristics: anthropomorphic bears and monkeys

Justin explained it was ok to run with humanoid animals and my first thoughts lead me to dogs. There is an urban myth that both dogs and cats have some form of sixth sense. My train of thought led me to a story revolved around World that has been over run by Ghosts. Scientists, in an effort to detect, understand them try to harness a dogs sixth sense when an accident occurs, transforming the dog giving him the ability to talk and walk. 

I want to combine this....

and this...

with this...

mixed with a little of this...

Watch this space.....


  1. Hi Paul,
    Well I think you are going in the right direction with this- really, in these shows, the actual explanation of why all the characters are bipedal turtles, mice or goldfish for that matter, is very simple, and doesnt need a lengthy and drawn out origin story - its the kind of thing that can be covered during the catchy and annoying intro theme song. looking forward to to see where this develops and who are the bad guys. Dont forget to post the drawings from last week.

  2. Hi Justin, thanks for your comments. I agree with you that the origin story doesn't need to be long winded or drawn out. I know it's not part of the project but i've had visions of an annoying intro and theme tune. I'll keep it to myself. I'm thinking the "baddies" will be ghosts in general but the "arch enemy" of my hero will be a ghost dog catcher or vet? Something along those lines?