Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Personal Work

One of my friends runs his own health and fitness business and asked me to have a look at his company logo. He already had designed it to a certain degree and asked me to spruce it up a bit.

We met up and discussed what he was looking for. From that meeting I ascertained key objectives. He wanted it to be simple, i.e 3 key colours, white / blue and black, include his brand logo "man". We looked at other company logo's, among his favourites were nike, intel and google. He gave me jpegs of his original designs and I set to work.

Here is the result from our first meeting. He was really pleased but wanted minor alterations. he sent me back a list of changes and I changed them accordingly....

Was really pleased to be able to help out a friend, he has unique business and fully credited me on his website.


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