Tuesday 15 February 2011

Scribd I.O.R breakdown

I.O.R Requirements


  1. Interim Online Review 15/02/2011

    Hey Paul - yes, the greenlight is go. Very pithy story idea - the only thing I'd suggest you don't need is the final bit of information regarding your character being violently sick. Somehow it just feels unnecessary - certainly as a prompt to the audience reaction it's not required. Could you not simply have the awfulness of the final reveal as sufficient? Or simply show the moment of realisation on his face and then - bang - cut to black?

    Your essay intro is not here? In a way I'm less worried about this in your instance as your reviews and previous assignments are all suggestive of someone whose academic muscles are bulking up nicely. Just be sure to choose a film that offers you lots of theoretical content - something 'iconic' in terms of the relationship between structure and narrative. I look forward to seeing you 'directing with a pencil' ...

  2. Hi Phil,

    Great! Looking forward to 'directing with a pencil' too!! :)LOL I agree with the violently sick ending. I had envisioned a close up of the co-pilots face and the classic bulging cheeks to round it off. No animated projectile vomit...

    Sorry I haven't posted my essay introduction. I have a film in mind, I hope you agree on its 'iconic' status. I will be basing it on Tim Burton's 'Big Fish'. I'm confident I can gather source material and construct a strong essay from it.