Tuesday 8 February 2011

Draft script

Here is a draft version of my script:Draft_script


  1. Looking cool Paul ;P I think you can definately make the most of the contortion scene, use it to create some tension, really milk it ;P

    I wonder if something to explore for the ending might be a sense of dramatic irony? As in, the audience find out what the character is really drinking from, yet he doesn't, and carries on regardless? Might be more amusing? Just something to explore.

    Awesome :)

  2. Hey Paul - pretty nasty!

    I'm just wondering if you need all that second act stuff at all - with the shelter and the coconuts etc. For example, if Act 1 begins with him thirsty and desperate (obviously he's in a bad way - he's on a bloody island!), Act 2 could show him getting increasingly desperate - trying to break open a coconut or similar to no avail, until he sees the 'miraculous' vending machine, and then Act 3 we get to the horrible bit - but it seems to me, if you've got him as the co-pilot, then the the vending machine itself could be the nose-cone of the crashed plane and the body of the pilot the 'vending machine's' contents...

    It makes more sense that he's in a bad way to begin with, otherwise he would know the body to be a body from the outset - certainly if he'd been on the island long enough to build a shelter...