Thursday 16 December 2010

Environment Thumbnails

Here are my remaining thumbnails with some blurb on my thought process:

I am basing my scene in a room with little possessions in it, but I want it to feel like it is in the process of being decorated, unfinished for some reason but people are, or were living in it.

I've been thinking about the layout of the room with some close ups of the walls and the kind of textures on the walls. I may include a staircase as they inherently have a sense of looming and are quite dark and eerie. I really like the idea of the make up mirror reflecting the rest of the room. The drama masks are to symbolise the occupants possessions and also give it an uncanny feel.

Some more make up mirror / desk shots. Also playing with the idea of back lit doorways and window frames and how the illuminate the rooms. Also thinking about how I  frame the shot, obscure angles looking through doors, giving the audience glimpses into the rooms of the occupants. I like the idea of looking through from an outside window, very much like Edward Hoppers' pieces.

I am going to take some of these ideas and refine them in larger thumbnails.

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