Friday 21 February 2014

Major Project - Uncanny Gallery - Location Scout

After talking with my tutors, the idea for my major project has evolved into something new. It will still be a study of the uncanny, but the way I am approaching (and presenting) it has changed. Instead of creating a completely CG focused animation, it will now mix live footage with CG elements. This decision was made after a discussion with my tutor Alan regarding realism and animation. He made me realize that mixing real footage with computer generated objects will emphasize the uncanny effect as it will call into question what is real and what is not. Therefore, my proposal for this project is to create three computer generated uncanny exhibits in a real world environment. I immediately thought of my local village hall as I know it is a large space that can be easily hired as and when I need it. I dashed home this week to scout the location and took some initial photo's and video footage of the hall.....

Now that I have a location, I've been thinking about what kind of uncanny elements should populate this environment. As described the uncanny can be attributed to a wide range of objects, but for the sake of this animation, it will focus on our perceptions of what is alive and what is not. So I did some research to define what constitutes a living thing and discovered that they must have the following qualities: movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition. Therefore my three objects will in some way incorporate some of these qualities. I have begun to produce a series of thumbnails with this in mind which I will post shortly. From here I will develop the best ideas into more detailed concept images before creating an animatic. At the same time I will be researching how to prep a shoot and all of the techniques needed with regards to matchmoving, HDRI and environment image based lighting which will be needed later on in the pipeline. Lots to be getting on with.

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