Tuesday 14 August 2012

Dukebox Work

I was lucky enough to get talking to a producer /  director at a friends stag do last weekend. Thankfully for me he was looking for someone to animate a title sequence for one of his clients. I offered my services and when I got back home he emailed me the brief with reference photos and videos.

Graphics brief:
1. DUKEBOX logo appears on screen with an option for viewer to select the 'O' box within the logo (the cursor could probably turn into a hand when it passes over the box to indicate this to the recipient - just an idea)
2.   Once the recipient clicks on the box the crank begins to slowly wind (we will need the crank to be animated for this) to the slow/ somewhat eerie tune of pop goes the weasel (Audio Links below). Once this tune ends though we would like there to be a sort of explosion of logo itself whereupon the 'slideshow' of images, as it were, begins in sync with the track we've chosen.

Emails bounced back and fourth and the video evolved into two. I'm pleased with the results and hope the clients like it:

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