Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Infected by HIV - update

@ Alan: I've posted a question on the group blog but i'll repeat it here. I can preview render the luminance depth pass ok, but when I batch render the entire sequence I only get black screenshots. Can you help?

Here is a review of where I am so far. I have been cracking on with the cross over scene from live footage to CG:

 Here is a screen capture of the final frame of live footage:

Here is the first frame of the CG takeover:

And here it is again with a luminance depth pass controlling the depth of field:

Here is a another example but a few frames down the line:

Without Luminance depth DOF control:

With Luminance depth DOF control:

So this is beauty pass sequence WITH OUT the luminance depth pass, hopefully I will be able to fix the batch render problem asap:


  1. Hi Paul

    To be honest I would need to look at you scene file to be sure (not possible - currently I am out of the UK) but my guess would be that your problem is either being caused by the movement of the camera or by Maya Batch / render layers.


    1) Delete all other render layers.
    2) Export the scene and camera and create a separate file for just DOF
    3) Use a different method for DOF - Projection of a ramp over the scene.

  2. Thanks for this Alan. Sorry for the late reply.