Tuesday 29 November 2011

Post Modern Essay Introduction@PHIL

Hi Phil. 

Below is a rough draft of my introduction for my essay. I have also sent you an email with a basic structure and what I have so far. Can you have cast an eye over it and tell me if I'm heading in the right direction? 


This essay will briefly examine the movement of modernism, or modern thought and the resulting emergence of postmodernism theory. It will critically study the postmodern concept of hyperreality and determine if its ideology is evident in modern day cinema. Specifically, it will investigate director Christopher Nolan’s 2010 release Inception as an example of hyperreality in contemporary film. To support this evidence, this essay will discuss the works of; Jean Baudrillard and his essays Simulacra and Simulation and The Ecstasy of Communication. Followed by, Jurgen Habermas and his essay An Incomplete Project found in Robert C. Holub’s book Critic in the public sphere ; Hal Foster and his book Postmodern Culture and Anne Friedberg’s Window Shopping; Cinema and the Postmodern.

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