Thursday 27 January 2011

Post Crit refinements

Following the crit last Friday, I've taken on board some advice and re-visted my final piece making the following changes...

I've corrected the size of the floor boards, making them more to scale by redoing the colour, bump and spec maps. I've altered the door way light so the shadow doesn't fall on the mirror. I added an area light to simulate the glare from the door and pick up the specular highlights on the mannequin. Pretty pleased as you can now pick up the details on the cardboard box too.

Refined refinements:


  1. Hey Paul :) Great - but, just another tweak - I wonder if you should consider changing the temperature of the light that falls on the wall - it's very WHITE - consider just upping the yellow (or even blue) - something to give it some additional character, and it will also help to bind your image together... I know, I know - picky, picky...

  2. Hi Phil, not picky at all. Nothing wrong with some constructive feedback and I totally agree. I have edited the post with the amendment. I haven't gone 'too' yellow have?

  3. Just caught this, Paul - and the colour temperature now binds everything together much more credibly - they feel like parts of the same world now :D