Tuesday 4 January 2011

Final Scene Sketch development

Here's a finished sketch of my initial concept. I'm still running with the idea that the room will be half decorated, the mirror reflecting the matte painting. The objects modelled in maya will represent the occupants belongings, the rest of the room decaying or unfinished symbolising a tragedy, hopefully giving it an uncanny feel. 

Following Phils, advice, the first image is too head on, was in Maya modelling mode and thinking of orthographic views to help me model. So, here's another angle...

I've been thinking about the era / time period my environment is set in. Since I am basing this on one of my favourite graphic novels I felt it was appropriate to base it when it was made, the 80's and set in a suburb of Detroit. I'm struggling to convey this in a enclosed room but have been thinking of modelling typical 80's objects such as the rubix cube, cassette and VHS tapes.

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