Tuesday 22 October 2013

Motion Track Test


  1. Hey Paul :)

    okay - some related terms re. dissertation:

    the uncanny and cognitive dissonance
    the uncanny and 'aporia'
    the uncanny as an 'undecidable' - 'undecidables' are beloved of deconstruction (Jacques Derrida) because 'undecidables' reveal the existence of 'binary oppositions'
    The uncanny and Lacan (the mirror stage, the Other).
    The uncanny as tracked through mirror and portrait superstition; it would be a valuable addition in terms of tracking the prevalence of the uncanny to examine superstitions clustering around representation in different cultures; for example, the '7 years bad luck' and 'never hang a portrait upside down' - all relate to fears around the power of the double.

    The conscious uncanny in art - another chapter, perhaps? Uncanny filmmakers - Hitchcock (Vertigo), Kubrick (The Shining). Photographers - Gregory Crewdson, Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Anna Gaskell; Painters - Rene Magritte (and the surrealists more generally).

  2. Roll up! Roll up!