Friday 7 September 2012

Summer Summary

It's been a hectic summer which has culminated in a fantastic couple of days which I will summarise below.

First of all my blog was featured on "The Post with the Most" for the first time since year one. It's a summary of activity from past, present and future students and is great advert for our course. Have a look, it's a fantastic read with some incredible work and I'm extremely proud to be on there again.

Secondly, in attempt to increase my profile, my brand spanking new website launched this morning! It's an on-line studio showcasing some of the work I produced in the first two years at the UCA. I tried to keep it simple but professional with a lot of time and thought put into branding. View it at . I would appreciate any feedback. I've looked at it on my iPhone and it seems to be smart phone friendly.

Thricely, I have set-up a Vimeo page in conjunction with to advertise myself and increase the amount of people viewing my work. I am setting up quite a maze on the web, hopefully an enjoyable one. I now have a youtube channel, Vimeo channel, a website, a facebook page, a linkedin page and this blog which all inter-connect.

Regular visitors to my blog and/or youtube channel will recognize the select vids on my Vimeo page. But, keep an eye out for tiny changes that are inkeeping with my brand initiative. Plus Teaser Trailers for my Minor Project and the top secret "Project Goose".

That's all for now. I'm having break this weekend to recharge the batteries. Upon my return I will be resuming with "Infected by HIV" and completing my dissertation.

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